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Growers Asking ‘What Are These Insects?’

Over the past week or so I have had several questions concerning some insects that seem to line up and down the new growth of pecans and then run around the other side of the stem when disturbed. And along with producers’ curiosity of this critter is the question, “Do I need to treat for...

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Texas A&M Pecan Orchard History

The first Texas A&M pecan orchard was established in the early 1900s by E.J. Kyle, then Professor of Horticulture and instructor of the HORT 418 Pecan Class. The trees were at the northwest corner of campus at the intersection of FM 60 and Union Pacific Railroad. The planting remained until removal for construction of the...

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Georgia Hosts 51st Conference and Trade Show

Georgia pecan growers gathered in late March for education and interaction with commercial exhibitors at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry. The event was the association’s 51st annual conference, which drew a hefty crowd of both large and small growers. GPGA President Brad Ellis presided over the two-day gathering that was launched with a golf...

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To Feed or Not to Feed — Foliar Fertilizers

The water-soluble fertilizer industry is alive and well. Unverified sources place the annual gross sales of water-soluble fertilizers around the world at $12.2 billion dollars, involving over 13 million tons of products used worldwide each year. Water-soluble fertilizers may be used in injection systems in greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, livestock feeding systems, and row crop production...

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