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Tribute to Mark Salopek

My lifelong friend and pecan hero, Mark Salopek of Las Cruces, New Mexico, passed away on Aug. 21 after a hard fight with cancer. We were students together at Texas A&M University in 1969-70 when his father called him home to make their pecan deal work. He and his brothers James and Ben returned home...

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The Good and Bad of Abundant Precipitation

Last month, Monte Nesbitt shared information on the impact that above-average precipitation has had on pecan scab infection on several new varieties. Early spring rains allowed researchers and growers to get a unique look at how pecan nuts would fair when exposed to extreme scab pressure. While this provided us with great information on scab...

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Black pecan aphids – a late season concern

One of the more challenging questions I encounter is “how late in the season can you justify controlling foliage pests?” Honestly, I don’t have a good answer for there are a lot of variables that need to be considered for this question. Considerations such as the pest problem, average date of first frost, variety, amount...

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Nut Tree Nursery hosts Georgia fall field day

Those who attended the Georgia Pecan Growers Association’s 2016 Fall Field Day were welcomed by Nut Tree Pecan Company in Baconton, Georgia on Sept. 8. The event took place in the Nut Tree Pecan Nursery and Flint River Orchard for a morning full of pecan management and industry discussions. Putt Wetherbee of Nut Tree Pecan...

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Schmeiser announces new Mid Row Ripper

SELMA, Calif. – T.G. Schmeiser Co. Inc. announced the Schmeiser Vibrosoiler Mid Row Ripper. Since its initial launch by Ag Soil Works, the Mid Row Ripper has shown impressive results and acceptance for use in both vineyard and orchard applications. The resulting demand led John Crossland of Ag Soil Works to reach out to T.G....

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