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Pecans and Pecan People

When the roll is called up yonder all will say, “He was a pecan man” or “that woman really knew pecans.” There are over 1,000 pecan growers in the state of Texas and many more states throughout the South. They work with pecans, they love pecans, and pecans are their life. Profits are nice, but...

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The Fountain of Youth Under a Pecan Tree

When I was a little girl, I remember hearing someone talk about the fountain of youth. I was curious. Was there really something that could help cultivate the look and feeling of youth? And if so, was it really a fountain of water? Maybe it was more like the one I passed by at the...

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Pecan Weevil: a Producer, State and Industry issue

During my time as the pecan IPM specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, I have written several articles for Pecan South on pecan weevil management, but for this month instead of a management focus, I would like to address the potential spread of pecan weevil to new areas. I am probably addressing the wrong audience...

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Uncovering why leaves die can be a complicated business. Many symptoms are similar, but they can have very different causes. Is the dead tissue a primary or secondary symptom? Are we talking about a disease, insect, nutrient, or even something entirely different? As Dr. Cary Illinois finds out, diagnosing leaf scorch symptoms can sometimes be...

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