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American Pecan Promotion Board 2022 Updates

Upcoming Marketing Campaign

The American Pecan Promotion Board is deploying a marketing strategy starting this holiday season that is sure to cut through the usual holiday clutter. Competition for media attention is fierce during the holidays. The APPB intentionally shifted from health and snacking—which gets limited media coverage during the holiday season—to grab headlines with an out-of-the-box idea. Everyone knows pecans make a killer Thanksgiving pie. Candied, delicious, irresistible pecans are irreplaceable. But we don’t stop at dessert or just one day.

This year the marketing campaign played off of another big Thanksgiving consumer trend. The night before Thanksgiving is in the Top 5 for most pizza sales during the entire year. In the weeks leading up to the holiday, the APPB intersected an existing cultural conversation with a surprisingly delicious pecan pizza pie consumers wouldn’t expect. Of course, the entire campaign of creating a Pecan Pizza Pie was designed to garner national attention from the media. Furthermore, television commercials touting the various holiday recipes found on and an army of influencers posting to Instagram, Reels, Facebook, and Pinterest will solidify pecan’s number one ranking as the top holiday nut.

Once the holidays are behind us, the APC will continue to coordinate with APPB and post messages on various social media channels and advertise using television commercials across the United States. Television commercials will appear on various video streaming platforms in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Dallas, El Paso, Las Cruces, Phoenix, and San Diego. Furthermore, the APPB is investing marketing dollars in Mexico to try and build consumption in Mexico. To support these efforts, the APPB recently approved a research project to learn more about Mexican consumers and how best to influence nut consumption south of the border.

Nutrition and health research is crucial to amplify the health message for pecans. On the APPB, the research committee will meet in the upcoming months to ramp up more pecan research. Keep an eye out on for upcoming committee and Board meeting dates.

APPB Nominations for the Western region

The American Pecan Promotion Board has nominations for four seats in the Western region. The current seats are filled by Deborah Ralls, Kortney Chase, David Salopek, and Phillip Arnold. Please reach out to the Board office if you have questions regarding nominations and how to submit them.

Upcoming Event Dates—March Board meeting

Mark your calendars! The next American Pecan Promotion Board meeting is March 21, 2023. There will also be a Pecan Congress, which brings together all the pecan associations, researchers, and industry members to provide updates and room for industry discussions.

2022 Crop Year Reporting for the APPB

The 2022 crop year reporting is underway. The electronic reporting portal for the American Pecan Promotion Board has been launched. The 2022 crop year runs from September 2022 to August 2023. All first handlers and importers will report the monthly forms through the portal at Producers will also log in to the portal to submit all exemption and reimbursement forms. To register, visit the APPB portal website. If you have any questions regarding reporting for APPB, please get in touch with the office at or call (817) 985-3034.

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American Pecan Promotion Board

The pecan Research & Promotion program operates as the American Pecan Promotion Board. The board’s assessments are used for promotion, research, and industry information projects to help increase the demand for pecans.