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NFWF’s Conservation Partners Program Announces $2.9 Million in New Grants

Washington, D.C.—The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) today announced nearly $2.9 million in new grants to help agricultural producers implement voluntary conservation practices on farms and ranches across 20 states. Awarded under NFWF’s Conservation Partners Program, the grants will leverage $3 million in matching contributions for a total conservation impact of nearly $5.9 million....

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Hear No Weevil, See No Weevil

Native to Texas, the pecan weevil is a pesky pest that can do quite a lot of damage to crops grown by pecan producers. All but five counties in the state of Texas are considered free of pecan weevil; the rest of the state falls under the Pecan Weevil Quarantine. With the concentration of the...

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American Pecan Promotion Board 2022 Updates

Upcoming Marketing Campaign The American Pecan Promotion Board is deploying a marketing strategy starting this holiday season that is sure to cut through the usual holiday clutter. Competition for media attention is fierce during the holidays. The APPB intentionally shifted from health and snacking—which gets limited media coverage during the holiday season—to grab headlines with...

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Bunches of bright green leaves grow amongst opening pecan shucks and dark, dying leaves.

What Happened to My Pecans?

Harvest is typically the culmination of a long, hard, strenuous growing season, and this year is no exception, as it was a brutally tough summer for many. Lack of rain and extreme temperatures, followed by an extensive outbreak of yellow aphids, was the norm in many areas. So, what should be an exciting moment in...

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