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Letter from the Editor: “Our Annual Harvest Photo Contest returns!”

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Dear Readers,

Harvest is in full swing! Growers across Texas, Oklahoma, and most Southeast have started (or are just about to start) shaking trees and bringing in fresh pecans. And with harvest comes…you guessed it—Pecan South’s annual Harvest Photo Contest! For the fifth year, we invite you to enter photos of your orchard, harvest, or other cover-worthy happenings.

Last year, Lanessa and Matt Dowden entered the winning photo of a peaceful morning in their orchard, Calianna Pecan Farms, in Effie, Louisiana. Have you photographed any beautiful moments in your orchard? Enter that photo in the contest! Maybe your photo will grace the cover of our February 2023 issue. 

Some people have asked how the process works, so I thought I’d briefly describe what happens after you send in your photo. As we accept entries, I organize the photos and ensure all captions, credits, and contact information are stored in the image’s metadata. This process allows us to ensure the photos are labeled even when judged anonymously. After we reach the submission deadline, our staff goes through the entries and selects five finalists. These finalists are then emailed to Pecan South readers—like yourself—to vote on the winning cover. After we send that ballot out, we open the voting process to our followers on social media. The Pecan South staff and I then sort through the votes, ensuring that no one voted multiple times or spammed the system. And once the counting is complete, we have a winner! 

We’ll follow that same process this year, and we’re excited to see what kind of pictures you all send in. Each year we’ve received more and more entries that showcase new and interesting moments from across the industry. You can find more details on how to enter a photo on page 55.

Besides the details of our photo contest, I’m happy to announce the release of the latest edition of Nuez Sureña. Nuez Sureña is a special Spanish-language edition produced and published by Pecan South. This annual edition features findings from tips on managing pecan aphids, insights on a study of pecan development and sustainability in Argentina, and more. Nuez Sureña is available for free to all visitors on our website.

The Pecan South team is hopeful that this month’s magazine, special editions, and newsletters will prove valuable sources of information and industry news, especially throughout this busy time.

‘Till next time,
Catherine Clark
Managing Editor 


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Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark is the managing editor of Pecan South. She has her M.S. in Journalism from the University of Southern California, and her B.A. in Communication and Spanish from Trinity University. For questions, comments or concerns, she can be reached at