A man stands in front of a large pecan tree with a full green canopy.

A “Nutty Hobby” Becomes an Award-Winning Pecan Orchard

What’s the secret to growing the perfect pecan? Or, more importantly, what’s the management trick to producing high-quality pecans year after year?  For decades—if not centuries—pecan growers have sought answers to this complex question, and researchers have wrestled with uncovering the management practices that will lessen alternate bearing and bring the industry closer to producing...

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Rows of young pecan trees as far as the eye can see below a bright blue sky at Raptor Ag.

Raptor Ag’s Giant Leap into Pecan Growing

During the first two months of 2022, a company in Oklahoma conducted a massive undertaking: planting 100,600 pecan trees within five weeks on 1,040 acres. Funded by investors, Raptor Ag made its foray into pecans with the goal of going further than any grower before.  “I’ve been around for a while, and [when] they told...

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a tractor driving through the pecan orchard

APPB, APC Meet and Prepare for Upcoming Fiscal Year

The American Pecan Council and the American Pecan Promotion Board held general meetings on July 27 in Dallas, Texas, at the Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center. With the next fiscal year on the horizon, both meetings focused extensively on the upcoming budget and general housekeeping. The day started with the American Pecan Promotion Board...

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Letter from the Editor graphic with a pecan background

Letter from the Editor: “Better Together”

Dear Readers, Conference season picks up again this month, with industry groups meeting in the central and southeast regions. In the coming weeks, pecan growers will gather for the TriState Pecanference and the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Conference for orchard tours, educational programs, and camaraderie. Then in early July, the Texas Pecan Growers Association hosts its...

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Four chefs stand behind a kitchen island covered in displayed dishes. The chef in the middle gestures toward one of the dishes, explaining what's in it.

Q&A with Chefs after NPSA Culinary Workshop

With another harvest in the books, growers now prepare for a new growing season. Marketing and promoting pecans remains a major task for the industry, with several groups and organizations working together to share pecan’s health benefits and versatility with chefs, nutritionists, and consumers. The National Pecan Shellers Association hosted a Pecan Chef Culinary Workshop...

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Morning sunlight shine through the canopies of a mature pecan orchard and cast a golden hue across the orchard floor.

Letter from the Editor: “Morning Shade”

Dear Readers, I am happy to announce the winner of our fourth annual Harvest Photo Contest—“Morning Shade,” submitted and taken by Lanessa and Matt Dowden. The Dowdens share a peaceful moment in their orchard, Calianna Pecan Farms, in Effie, Louisiana.  Congratulations, Matt and Lanessa! Thank you for sharing this photo with us. Readers, you can...

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A nut cluster hidden behind the leaves.

A Quality Assurance Program and You

Consumers now more than ever are looking for further knowledge about their food. Food safety is a global expectation to do business, but that expectation has shifted to include sustainability as well. Customers want to know the company and people behind their food, understand its employee safety protocols, see the chemicals used when growing the...

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Logo for the American Pecans marketing brand. It reads: American Pecans: The Original Supernut. The brand is promoted and managed by the American Pecan Council, under a federal marketing order. Pecan growers in the U.S. can vote to continue the APC in the 2021 FMO referendum.

Pecan growers vote to keep the FMO, USDA announces

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Aug. 31 at the American Pecan Council annual meeting that eligible pecan growers voted to uphold the Federal Marketing Order (FMO) in the referendum. Because of this decision, the American Pecan Council will continue to be authorized by the FMO to regulate the handling of pecans, build...

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May 2021 Position Report shows pecans on the move

As eligible pecan growers across the United States cast their votes on the FMO, the American Pecan Council published its April and May 2021 Pecan Industry Position Reports over the last week. These most recent reports provide data on exports, inventory, and availability for the 2020/2021 crop year and add context to the current pecan...

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A young pecan tree sits in a herbicide strip at Vicki Lynn Pecans orchard.

Vicki Lynn Pecans finds niche with pecans as a beauty food

Vicki Lynn Pecans in Colquitt, Georgia, began long before the first trees were planted. Mark Boatright approached his sister and brother-in-law, Lynn and Russ Henley, about purchasing land as a family investment. Looking for some type of agricultural investment, Lynn first followed a recommendation from the Farmers’ Almanac and decided to invest in pine trees....

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Logo for the American Pecans marketing brand. It reads: American Pecans: The Original Supernut. The brand is promoted and managed by the American Pecan Council, under a federal marketing order. Pecan growers in the U.S. can vote to continue the APC in the 2021 FMO referendum.

How to cast your vote in the FMO referendum

The Agricultural Marketing Service in the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a notice on April 13 that directed a referendum to be conducted among eligible pecan growers across the Pecan Belt “to determine whether they favor the continuation of the marketing order regulating the handling of pecans produced in the production area.” The FMO referendum...

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Left behind after harvest, a pecan hangs on a dormant tree in an orchard in College Station, Texas. The branch it is on cuts through the middle of the picture, while the tips of the tree's other branches dip into frame from the top.

January 2021 Position Report Shows Post-Holiday Slump

The American Pecan Council published the January 2021 Pecan Industry Position Report at the end of February, adding further context to a turbulent crop year and providing data on exports, inventory, and availability.  With harvest complete, pecan producers in the Northern Hemisphere prepare their orchards and businesses for the next crop. Hedging, planting new trees,...

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Early Season Pecan Inventory Data Shows Rise and Fall

The American Pecan Council released its Year-End Inventory Report for the 2019 Crop Year alongside the Pecan Industry Position Report for September 2020 several weeks ago. These most recent pecan reports provide data on U.S. handlers’ inventory and shipments at the start of the 2020 harvest season.   Amidst the ongoing battles against the coronavirus, pecan...

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TPGA's Holiday Trail Map shows a list of pecan retail stores and orchards looking to sell to the general public this holiday season.

Holiday Trail Map Guides Customers to Pecans

As many growers rush to shake their trees and harvest their new crop this November, state growers associations and other industry organizations work to provide as much support as they can—whether that be by connecting producers to disaster relief and coronavirus aid or helping them find new ways to market their pecans.  In its own...

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Rows of mature trees without a cover crop at 3SA for Veterans' orchard in Eldorado, Texas. This nonprofit pecan orchard helps vets.

A Nonprofit Harvests Pecans, Helps Veterans

Near the small, West Texas town of Eldorado, a nonprofit transforms a small pecan orchard this harvest into a safe place for veterans with disabilities to find community, support, and employment. Superior Solutions and Services in Aging for Veterans, or 3SA for Veterans for short, is a 501(c) nonprofit charity in San Angelo, Texas, that...

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A large mature pecan tree was split in half by Hurricane Laura.

Two States, Two Storms, Devastation Abounds

While preparing for this harvest season, pecan producers in Louisiana and Alabama faced two devastating hurricanes.  Growers in Louisiana endured Hurricane Laura at the end of August. Making landfall as a Category 4, Hurricane Laura is recorded as the strongest storm to hit Louisiana in 160 years. Yes, outpacing Hurricane Katrina and earning itself the...

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An old nut cluster hangs in the foreground of a photo of mature pecan trees at the USDA Brownwood Station.

The Pecan Breeding Program Forms the Roots of Our Industry

Very much like the pecan tree itself, the roots of the pecan industry often get lost in the grand management scheme. Stretching back for generations, these roots provide stability, support, and the ability to grow taller, stronger, and more bountiful.  The USDA Pecan Breeding Program and National Collection of Genetic Resources for Pecans and Hickories...

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Hands cradle pecan kernels over a large bin filled with pecans. Photo used to reflect U.S. handlers' large inventories as reported in October 2020 Position Report.

New Industry Data Shows More Pecans on the Move

American Pecan Council released its May 2020 Pecan Position Report at the end of June. This most recent report continues to reflect months of significant change as the coronavirus spread across the globe and many countries begin to exit lockdowns. At the same time, when compared to last year’s numbers, this report illustrates a year...

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U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. National Pecan Federation shares updates from the Hill.

House Passes COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the COVID-19 economic stimulus package today and sent it to President Donald Trump to enact. Supported by both Democrats and Republicans, the $2 Trillion stimulus package includes one-time cash payments to adults, emergency relief money for airports, public transportation and hospitals, up to four months of pay to laid-off...

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Looking out at the walkway to the Vaalharts Dam, the first part of the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme

Planting, Propagating, & Promoting Pecans in South Africa

Almost an hour’s drive outside of Kimberley, South Africa, the Vaalharts Storage Weir diverts water from the Vaal River and feeds it into the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme. Here marks the start of South Africa’s entire pecan industry. Without the Valhaarts Irrigation Scheme and this dam, the South African pecan industry wouldn’t exist as we currently...

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Growing Pecans & Growing an Industry in South Africa

“I almost didn’t recognize you!” Hardus du Toit, the Senior Technical Officer of the South African Pecan Nut Producers’ Association and our official guide to South Africa, exclaimed to me on the morning of SAPPA’s Annual General Meeting and Information Day. It was our second day in South Africa, and after a good night’s rest...

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Rows of 6-year-old pecan trees in an orchard in Georgia.

GPGA’s 2019 Fall Field Day

Georgia pecan growers gathered at King Springs Pecans in Hawkinsville, Georgia on Sept. 5 for the Georgia Pecan Growers Association’s Annual Fall Field Day. There, they heard from the King Springs crew and owners, who talked about their management practices, “biblical stewardship,” and irrigation. Paul Quiros, one of the owners of King Springs Pecans studied...

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A yellow sun burns in a dusky sky.

5 Tips to Prevent Heatstroke and Heat Exhaustion

He had followed all the rules. He wore a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. He drank water—or so he thought. But that wasn’t enough. Jim Kepner still spent his July 4th in the hospital. A day earlier, Kepner—a pecan enthusiast from Friendswood, Texas—started his work in the morning to beat the unrelenting sun. He put on...

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Trump signs $19 billion disaster relief bill

After a long delay, President Donald Trump signed the $19 billion disaster relief bill early Thursday morning, which will give funds to states and territories damaged by natural disasters. Along with Puerto Rico, a number of states, including California, Georgia, Florida, and Iowa, will receive aid through this package after being ravaged by hurricanes, wildfires,...

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Group photo with all the attendees from the first Pecan Congress held by the APC

Pecan Congress marks another effort toward industry unity

April 9 marked a historic day for the American pecan industry. Hosted by the American Pecan Council, representatives from 19 of 21 state, regional, and national organizations and associations gathered at the Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport for the first ever Pecan Congress. Acknowledging this meeting’s historical significance, APC Executive Director, Alex Ott, commended delegates...

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group photo of NCPGA awards

North Carolina Growers Gather to Celebrate 25 years as an Association

Celebrating 25 years, the North Carolina Pecan Grower’s Association gathered in Clinton, North Carolina on the dreary morning of Feb. 16 for its annual meeting, where attendees networked, heard from pecan specialists and spoke with exhibitors. Kicking off the meeting, Mike Parker, Ph.D., from the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University, discussed managing...

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Part 2—Exploring the National Marketing Campaign, Q&A with the APC

The American Pecan Council launched pecans’ national brand and congruent marketing campaign just a little over five months ago. Since then, “The Original Supernut” has made appearances on “Good Morning America,” been featured in numerous national publications, and been promoted by food bloggers, dietitians, and influencers. But if you’re not looking for it, the marketing campaign...

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Part 1: Exploring the National Marketing Campaign, Q&A with the APC

The American Pecan Council launched pecans’ national brand and congruent marketing campaign just a little over four months ago. Since then, “The Original Supernut” has made appearances on “Good Morning America,” been featured in numerous national publications, and been promoted by food bloggers, dietitians, and influencers. But if you’re not looking for it, the marketing...

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Arizona, the Dark Horse of the Pecan Industry

There are forces at work out in the deserts of Arizona. Strong winds, hail, lightning storms, monsoons—the extreme weather and climate may make one think that this land was inhospitable to farming. But like with other southwestern states, that’s not necessarily the case. There are forces at work out in the deserts of Arizona. Planting,...

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Texas Pecan Growers Conference 2018

The Texas Pecan Growers Association welcomed members and other attendees to its 97th annual conference and trade show in San Marcos, Texas from July 15 to 18. Gathering at the Embassy Resort and Suites, guests kicked off the conference with a welcome reception and raffle, during which they visited with exhibitors and vendors. For next...

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ArkLaMiss TriState Pecanference 2018

Growers from Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana met for their joint annual meeting in Raymond, Mississippi at the Eagle Ridge Conference Center on June 21-22. They were joined by other growers from across the Pecan Belt to network, meet with vendors and learn a bit more about growing pecans. The conference kicked off with a tour...

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In an auditorium in Goldthwaite, Texas, about 30 pecan growers and enthusiasts listen to a speaker at the Central Texas Pecan Short Course.

Educational Events Help Growers Prepare for the Season

On the morning of April 5, growers throughout Central Texas gathered in the tiny town of Goldthwaite for the annual Central Texas Pecan Short Course. Hosted by Mills County AgriLife Extension Service, the Central Texas Short Course provided local growers an opportunity to earn a total of three Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and to re-learn...

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Part of the "Kids and Kows and More" program, Remus the talking pecan tree gives participating students some fun pecan facts. (Photo courtesy of Sandra Pierce)

Crossing the Agricultural & Consumer Divide

For 166 days throughout the year, Sandra Pierce is on the road. Hauling a 22-foot trailer packed with educational supplies, Pierce travels around Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma leading an AgriLife agricultural literacy program called “Kids & Kows & More.” Through this program, Pierce has a simple yet all too necessary mission: teach children the...

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The Annual Conference Whirlwind Continues

This February and March industry members from New Mexico to Alabama gathered at three different conferences to hear from pecan experts, network with each other, and celebrate the pecan industry. With more conferences set to come, Pecan South presents updates from the conferences for the Southeastern Pecan Growers Association, Western Pecan Growers Association and National...

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Around the Industry: the 2018 World Ag Expo

The World Ag Expo returned to Tulare, California on Feb. 13-15 this year to give producers, consumers and ag innovators the chance to meet, network and celebrate the future of agriculture. Presented by the International Agri-Center, this year’s World Ag Expo covered 2.6 million square feet and featured exhibitors with various focuses from safety to...

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October’s Theme: And So It Goes

These last few months of 2017 have felt almost like one of those apocalypse movies. You know the ones. Everything seems to be going well when suddenly Mother Nature seems to turn against humankind. She batters us with rain and winds. She shakes the earth, toppling buildings and livelihoods with a flick of her wrist....

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