Pecan Producers—the Pecan Supply Chain

The previous articles in this series focused on the pecan supply chain and final consumers. In this third article, we’ll look at pecan production and producers in more detail. We’ll explore world pecan production, U.S. pecan production, and issues that pecan producers face. World Pecan Production  Pecans are native to North America, with the name...

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A graph showing the per capita consumption of almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamias, and Brazil nuts.

Pecan Consumers

The previous article in this series focused on the pecan supply chain and the marketing channels used to move pecans from producers to final consumers. In this article, we’ll drill down and focus on the final consumers of pecans, both international and domestic. International pecan consumers (exports) The United States exported $150 billion of agricultural...

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Flowchart shows the potential paths pecans take through industry marketing channels.

Pecan Marketing Channels & Players

Most agricultural products, including pecans, make their way through several industry segments, moving from producers to final consumers. The paths these products take are referred to as marketing channels. In this article, we explore pecan marketing channels with an emphasis on better understanding the industry participants in each marketing channel. In future articles, we’ll discuss...

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