Pre-sprouted pecans suffering from Vivipary

Vivipary in Pecans

Vivipary—also known as germinated or pre-germinated pecans—is one of the major challenges of producing pecans in low-elevation and warm climates. In these regions, such as parts of Sonora, Mexico, up to 50% of the crop germinates early.  The presence of germinated pecans strongly impacts the value of the product. A kilogram of shelled pecans without...

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Young pecan trees in dormancy planted close together in a field with no cover crop.

Pecans in Mexico

For the first time, in 2019, Mexico produced more pecans than the United States. Part of this was due to the damage of Hurricane Michael in 2018. However, with new plantings coming into production in Mexico, the two countries will continue to be competitors, producing more than 90% of the world market. Pecans originated in...

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