Roth Conversion Decision Tree chart

Tax-free money? Yes, please!

I hate paying taxes. Now do not get me wrong, I am a proud American business owner, and I dutifully pay my share of taxes each year. I am honored to do so, but I also work extremely hard to shave the tax bill every chance I get. What if I said, prepaying your taxes...

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Bagged pecans sit in a line on the bottom of a wooden shelf. The new pecan research and promotion program has the authority to collect assessments for domestic and foreign grown pecans imported into the U.S. USDA announced the industry members on the new APPB

Is your retirement election-proof?

The election is over, and the stakes have rarely felt higher. The new administration is underway, and the usual political debate rages on between family and friends. To what degree can we learn from new economic data and make financial decisions? Should we delay our retirement date based on what we think will happen? Should we...

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