Three people stand amongst the branches of pecan trees in early spring.

Meet the New USDA-ARS Plant Pathologist

When I tell people that I am a plant pathologist, they always ask how I ended up in this career. The truth is I had no idea that I would find my life’s work in agriculture. My dad was a navigator in the United States Air Force, and my mom was a nurse. We bounced...

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Roth Conversion Decision Tree chart

Tax-free money? Yes, please!

I hate paying taxes. Now do not get me wrong, I am a proud American business owner, and I dutifully pay my share of taxes each year. I am honored to do so, but I also work extremely hard to shave the tax bill every chance I get. What if I said, prepaying your taxes...

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Things We Can Control, Things We Can’t

The pecan industry has received several severe blows in 2018. First, we had the Chinese tariffs go from 7 to 47 percent and consequently the virtual loss of this valuable market. Next, Hurricane Michael ripped through the Southeast and destroyed some of the best pecan orchards in the world, along with two-thirds of the Georgia...

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Back of a truck with a decal of the American Pecans logo

Listening, Learning & Sharing with Industry

For many, the start of fall signals back-to-school season, the kickoff to football and a much-anticipated cool down – or for those of us in Texas, the promise and hope of cooler temperatures soon. For the pecan industry, it means the final weeks of preparation before harvest. I am hopeful that most of you enjoyed...

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Pecan Production Worldwide

USA The America Pecan Council has started a nationwide promotion of pecans aimed to increase pecan-nut awareness and consumption in the United States, which currently is about half-a-pound per person. This is a very important step since a good number of people living in big urban areas in the country know little about pecans so...

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