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Two Months Post-Irma, We’re Still Learning

Back in September, Georgia pecan growers got to experience what it would be like to grow pecans on the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Irma followed Interstate 75 directly up the Florida peninsula into Georgia with sustained winds of 20-40 mph and gusts reaching from 50-75 mph, something our friends in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are all...

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A Salute to the American Pecan Farmer

It’s November and there is, perhaps, no better Month to celebrate the American pecan farmer. After all, you are one to be celebrated! You are, most assuredly, in full swing harvesting your crop. You are short on daylight, and your days are long. And at times you may be lacking the help you need to get the job...

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Pecan Pie: A Time-Honored Tradition

Thanksgiving is upon us yet again. It’s time to celebrate family and friends and to cherish all of the blessings in our lives. This American holiday wouldn’t be complete without a delicious pecan pie, which has become a symbol of the holiday season and the South. But how did it get that way? And who...

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“Son, Nitrogen Makes Plants Grow”

This week I told Monte Nesbitt, “Well, it looks like we’re going to have two short crops in a row.” I asked him what he thought. Smiling, he said, “They need a good dose of Ammonium nitrate.” We both laughed because we know one cannot go 15 years without soil-applied nitrogen fertilizer on bearing pecans....

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Remembering a True Pecan Man

Richard Louis Haller of Fort Worth, Texas, aerospace engineer, pecan farmer and loving husband, father and friend, died September 14, 2017 of colon cancer. He was 87. Haller was born February 3, 1930 in San Antonio, Texas. He attended public schools in San Antonio, graduating from Edison High School, where he was on the basketball...

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Industry Updates & Happenings

  HOW IT’S MADE, OCT. 2017— While filming the harvesting process at Sorrells Farms, the film crew worried over the possibility of standing in fire ants and asked the Texans present, multiple times, if they were. It’s safe to say, they escaped unscathed. (Photos by Blair Krebs)   HOW IT’S MADE, OCT. 2017— Kinley and...

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