An orchard in fall.

A Year in Review

It may sound cliché, but time has a way of marching right on by when you’re busy having fun. This past year has been full of many firsts. The American Pecan Council (APC) was established in 2016, but like any endeavor built from the ground up, it has taken a couple years to establish a...

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The 101 Series: How the APC Measures Success

The passage of the Federal Marketing Order (FMO) was a tremendous step forward for the American pecan industry and one that has created unprecedented marketing opportunities for all members of our industry. The American Pecan Council is committed to making the most effective use of industry funds as we continue to build momentum for American...

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The 101 Series: Transaction Models 101

Upon the completion of the American Pecan Council’s Strategic Planning Process, the APC with the help of the Boston Consulting Group identified five main areas of change and opportunity for the pecan industry. Although all five are vital to the success of the industry, one component—“the need to modernize transactions”—continues to receive the most questions....

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A promotional image from the APC that shows a bag of pecans and the Superweek logo in red. It reads: "1 bag of pecans = so many super recipes."

APC 101 Series: Marketing Strategy 101

As consumer behavior changes and generations establish their likes and dislikes, industry marketing, education techniques, and technologies must also adapt or be left behind. To understand and thrive in the future market, the industry must understand consumer trends and preferences. Consider the following: traditional TV viewing is down across all major age groups. According to...

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Photo of a road lined with pecan trees

APC 101 Series: Strategic Planning

The pecan industry is at a critical stage. Trade pressures, volatile market prices, and natural disasters have created uncertainty for many during a time when the industry has only just recently unified under the Federal Marketing Order. Under our remit through the FMO and as the largest and broadest organization for the pecan industry, the...

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FMO – 101

Since coming on board as the Executive Director of the American Pecan Council, I have received numerous questions as to the abilities of the Federal Marketing Order (FMO). Simply put, what can the FMO do? What is the function? Are we really a government body or an industry body? Can FMOs really do research, domestic...

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A New Year for American Pecans

The coming of the New Year marks a time for renewal and possibility. By now, most of you have finished or are wrapping up harvest operations, and thinking ahead to the growing season. Perhaps you’re planning to expand your orchards, are looking forward to seeing the first fruit from trees planted nearly a decade ago,...

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Back of a truck with a decal of the American Pecans logo

Listening, Learning & Sharing with Industry

For many, the start of fall signals back-to-school season, the kickoff to football and a much-anticipated cool down – or for those of us in Texas, the promise and hope of cooler temperatures soon. For the pecan industry, it means the final weeks of preparation before harvest. I am hopeful that most of you enjoyed...

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