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Pecan Industry Votes to Continue Research and Promotion Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced today that pecan producers and importers voted to continue the American Pecan Promotion Board’s research and promotion program. In the referendum held May 10 through June 10, 2024, 74.89 percent of pecan producers and importers voted in favor of continuing the program. This meets the requirement that the...

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Pecan Nut Milk Launches in H-E-B Stores Across Texas

Pecana, a new non-dairy pecan nut milk brand that celebrates the rich agricultural heritage of Texas, is proud to announce its launch in H-E-B stores across the state. Founded by third-generation pecan farmer Kortney Chase, Pecana offers a unique and delicious plant-based milk alternative made from 100% American pecans harvested from her family’s farm, Chase...

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Orchard Resilience Begins at the Ground Level

What is resilience in orchards? Can we have a resilient pecan orchard? What are the most significant benefits of resilience for pecan producers? These are just a few questions asked as we visit producers about regenerative management in orchards to improve soil health. Over the past few months, we have visited pecan producers across the...

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Letter from the Editor — July 2024

Dear Readers, We’ve reached that time of year when we fi nally get a grasp on the coming crop. With about two months until harvest kicks off in the Northern Hemisphere, growers across the Pecan Belt monitor their developing pecans closely. Meanwhile, the industry has started sharing crop estimates from various growers associations. (We’ve shared...

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Producer Perspectives of Alternative Agricultural Production Systems

Alternative agriculture refers to agricultural production systems that either do not use or differ significantly from conventional production methods. Several alternative production systems and practices exist. Two popular systems discussed in the last article in this series are organic and regenerative agriculture. Other alternative systems include controlled environment agriculture, agroforestry, and permaculture. Practices often associated...

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USDA Expands Funding Opportunities for Specialty Crop Growers to Help Offset On-Farm Food Safety Expenses for 2024 and 2025   

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is expanding the Food Safety Certification for Specialty Crops (FSCSC) program to now include medium-sized businesses in addition to small businesses. Eligible specialty crop growers can apply for assistance for expenses related to obtaining or renewing a food safety certification. The program has also been expanded to include assistance...

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