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A yellow sun burns in a dusky sky.

5 Tips to Prevent Heatstroke and Heat Exhaustion

He had followed all the rules. He wore a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. He drank water—or so he thought. But that wasn’t enough. Jim Kepner still spent his July 4th in the hospital. A day earlier, Kepner—a pecan enthusiast from Friendswood, Texas—started his work in the morning to beat the unrelenting sun. He put on...

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Report from Capitol Hill

The U.S. Congress has finally passed agricultural disaster legislation and President Donald Trump promptly signed the bill into law. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is working to get resources to growers harmed by natural disasters. After being hit hard by Hurricane Michael, pecan growers in the Southeast may benefit from this legislation. The following are...

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The 101 Series: Transaction Models 101

Upon the completion of the American Pecan Council’s Strategic Planning Process, the APC with the help of the Boston Consulting Group identified five main areas of change and opportunity for the pecan industry. Although all five are vital to the success of the industry, one component—“the need to modernize transactions”—continues to receive the most questions....

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Off to a Fast and Rocky Start for 2019

As we escape the springtime challenges of freezes, low nut set, poor pollination, excessive rainfall scab, and a large pecan nut casebearer population, the long hot Texas summer begins for pecans. We had great winter rains with no major freezes. Spring budbreak was early and strong with continued spring rains, and our current pecan foliage...

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A box of inshell pecans with a red handcracker in it.

Pecans take starring role in nutrition trends

Pecans are prized for their delicate nutty flavor, heart health benefits and culinary versatility in recipes both sweet and savory. But there are even more ways to champion pecans today because they fit right in with contemporary food trends. Eat Your Plants You don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat like one. Identified as...

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A walnut sphinx caterpillar crawls along a branch as it feasts on pecan leaves.

Foliage-Feeding Caterpillars threaten more than just leaves

Over the past several weeks, I have received numerous calls and emails regarding foliage-feeding caterpillars on pecan trees. Currently, there are several Texas counties reporting infestations of walnut caterpillar, most of which are in residential areas and on trees not treated for pecan nut casebearer. The most common calls I have received have related to...

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