Microsprinklers water a tree.

Micro-Irrigation versus Flood Irrigation

Basin flood irrigation remains popular in some of the traditional pecan growing areas of the western region, but increasingly producers are making use of micro-irrigation. Recently I wrote an article in Pecan South about timing your irrigation events if you are using a basin flood irrigation system. In this article here, I will compare and...

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Banner image to represent the Pecan Crop Corner

The Pecan Crop Corner: August 2020

A monthly column, The Crop Corner comes in response to popular demand from readers of The Pecan Newsletter and gives updates on the 2020 pecan crop. Created and published by Pecan South editors, The Pecan Newsletter provides weekly harvest and market updates from September through January by compiling reports from growers, as well as price...

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An old nut cluster hangs in the foreground of a photo of mature pecan trees at the USDA Brownwood Station.

The Pecan Breeding Program Forms the Roots of Our Industry

Very much like the pecan tree itself, the roots of the pecan industry often get lost in the grand management scheme. Stretching back for generations, these roots provide stability, support, and the ability to grow taller, stronger, and more bountiful.  The USDA Pecan Breeding Program and National Collection of Genetic Resources for Pecans and Hickories...

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Image for the classifieds found in the magazine.

Classifieds for August 2020 Issue

EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: 8261 Savage harvester $16,500. 4224 Savage gas cleaning plant $7,500. 400 gallon 5 nozzle sprayer, $2,500. Clifton, TX. Email David for pictures. hodge.david@sbcglobal.net, 214-597-1646 FOR SALE: Champion cracker, ready to work. #13 pockets. $2700. 918-331-8581 PECAN TREES: Bareroot Western Schley, Wichita, and Pawnee pecan trees, (Riverside Rootstock). For information, call Pena’s Pecan...

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A green stink bug sits on the corner of an inshell pecan as it feeds.

Monitoring Stink Bugs, an Annual Pecan Pest

Stink bugs are serious, annual pests of pecan. Their feeding on developing nuts before shell hardening leads to “black pit” of the embryo and nut abortion. After the shell hardens, damaged nuts remain on the tree and are harvested. Stink bug feeding injury on nuts with hardened shells and mature kernels usually is indicated by...

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APC Activities Update: Adapting and Preparing in 2020

Entering into the final stretch of the current crop year, the American Pecan Council updates industry members on its many activities, projects, and industry initiatives. This update on APC activities and ongoing projects include increasing pecan awareness, expanding industry efforts, and releasing accessible and transparent data for all. Marketing Successes – Increasing Pecan Awareness 2019...

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