Slices of dried fruit and tree nuts form a circle on a tan background.

Tree Nut and Dried Fruit Productions add up to 5 million and 3.2 million metric tons, respectively 

With the Northern Hemisphere harvest completed, the world tree nut production for the 2021/2022 season has been forecasted at about five million metric tons (kernel basis, except pistachios inshell), down by 8 percent from 2020/21, but yet following the last decade growing trend and above the 2011/12-2019/20 volumes. Between 2011/12 and 2021/22, tree nut production...

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A hedger travels down a row of mature pecan trees during dormancy and saws off the top part of the trees.

Plant hormones’ post-pruning balancing act

At the Arizona Pecan Growers Association’s Conference at the end of August, three local producers gathered for a “Grower’s Panel,” during which they explained their hedging and pruning programs. These producers used video and PowerPoint slides to further expound on their discussion. I remember one of the producers mentioned, “The pecan trees get used to...

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A pecan nut cluster with three bright green shucks hangs from a branch surrounded by dark green leaves.

Around the industry—snapshots of fall meetings

North Carolina pecan growers gather at NCPGA’s Orchard Tour The North Carolina Pecan Growers Association conducted its Fall Orchard Tour on Sept.11, 2021, at Ronnie’s Berry Farm, Angier, North Carolina. This was the first in-person event the association conducted in over two years because of COVID-19, and all were glad to be together. John Taylor,...

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