A one-year-old pecan tree has gray and brown edges that signals salt injury after being grown in salinity conditions.

Intensive cultivation in saline soil conditions

Over about six years now and the successful planting of 406 pecan seedlings of seven different cultivars at our University of Arizona Safford Agricultural Center, I am encouraged and enlightened by the observations and results so far that have come out of the research project. More pecan producers than just Arizona producers contend with the...

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Banner image to represent the Pecan Crop Corner

The Crop Corner March 2022

The Crop Corner provides seasonal updates for readers on pecans throughout the industry and continues March 2o22. Created and published by Pecan South editors, The Pecan Newsletter provides weekly harvest and market updates from September through January by compiling reports from growers and market information from reliable sources worldwide. The Crop Corner follows these same...

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A timeline of the American Pecan Council's marketing activities and successes over its first 5 years.

American Pecans’ marketing milestones

2017 was a monumental year for the American Pecan industry. Uniting to support the passage of a Federal Marketing Order, we commenced our first large-scale, domestic marketing effort. Our collective endeavor to increase domestic demand has produced impressive results; in fact, our integrated marketing efforts—which began with Weber Shandwick less than five years ago—have resulted...

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Four chefs stand behind a kitchen island covered in displayed dishes. The chef in the middle gestures toward one of the dishes, explaining what's in it.

Q&A with Chefs after NPSA Culinary Workshop

With another harvest in the books, growers now prepare for a new growing season. Marketing and promoting pecans remains a major task for the industry, with several groups and organizations working together to share pecan’s health benefits and versatility with chefs, nutritionists, and consumers. The National Pecan Shellers Association hosted a Pecan Chef Culinary Workshop...

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Pecan limbs and other brush have been piled up in a clear space between pecan trees. This brush pile will be burned later.

Thoughts for the 2022 crop and growing season

Hard to believe that another growing season is upon us, with spring right around the corner. For some, the coming growing season represents a chance at redemption after a miserable 2021 from the standpoint of a crop or management. One of the greatest challenges that growers face in the upcoming year is the skyrocketing costs...

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Two photos of damaged flowers on 'Pawnee' and 'Kanza' after a spring freeze.

Oklahoma’s 2021 spring freeze impact on pecan flowers

For many pecan growers in Oklahoma, the late spring freeze in 2021 was a nightmare. The hourly temperature ranged from 29-32 degrees Fahrenheit over six hours at the experimental orchard in Perkins, Oklahoma; the damage to pecan flowers was devastating (Fig. 1). Do cultivars react differently when exposed to spring freeze? Pecans exhibit heterodichogamy, meaning...

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