New Mexico Department of Ag hosts public hearings regarding pecan weevil quarantine on Aug. 26, Aug. 29, Sept. 9

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico—The New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) will hold three public hearings—including one virtual option—to receive public input on proposals to repeal and replace 21.17.28 New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC), Pecan Weevil Exterior Quarantine and amend 21.17.36 NMAC, Pecan Weevil Interior Quarantine. The proposed repeal and replacement of the Exterior Quarantine primarily...

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Pecan Weevil larva eats its way out of an inshell pecan.

Keeping up with late-season pests

Thoughts of pecan weevil, stink bugs, hickory shuckworm, and black pecan aphid likely indicate we have made it to the late season. After months of pecan scab worries and its treatments soon coming to an end for many growers, now it’s time to fend off those nut-attacking pests and keep pushing back against the black...

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Two images showing how mycorrhizal fungi looks on pecan roots, including a microscopic picture of the spores.

Mycorrhizal Fungi—a potential tool to improve pecan nutrient uptake

A surge in chemical fertilizer prices, especially for nitrogen, has put a lot of pressure on pecan growers. The prices of traditional nitrogen fertilizers have increased significantly since 2019. According to USDA Agricultural Marketing Service data, the cost of ammonia is three times higher in 2022 compared to September 2019, and other fertilizer nutrients are...

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A single pecan tree is almost completely defoliated in a mature and leafed out orchard. This tree has bunches of brown and dying leaves scattered throughout its canopy.

Can’t diagnose by symptoms alone

Diagnosing a disorder is a process that involves critical evaluation by a team of experts. This team includes the pecan producer, orchard owner, certified crop consultant, pest control advisor, farm manager, Extension agents, state specialists appointed by the university, and a diagnostic clinic or laboratory. The combined evaluations by the team of experts require a...

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Banner image to represent the Pecan Crop Corner

The August 2022 Crop Corner

The Crop Corner provides seasonal updates throughout the industry and continues in Pecan South’s August 2022 magazine. The Crop Corner will take a break after this issue as The Pecan Newsletter returns on September 9, 2022.  The Pecan Newsletter is a weekly harvest and market newsletter published from mid-September through January. Read a sample of...

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