Texas Growers Get Opportunity to Set Priorities

Texas Pecan Growers Association received a 2022 Specialty Crop Block Grant to critically assess the Texas pecan industry’s economic development and sustainability through a series of survey-based projects. According to the USDA Census of Agriculture, pecan acreage in Texas declined 17.5% from 1997 to 2017, when acreage increased 7% nationally. Uncovering the factors behind this...

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The Crop Corner April 2023

The Crop Corner provides seasonal updates for readers on pecans throughout the industry and continues this month, April 2o23. Created and published by Pecan South editors, The Pecan Newsletter provides weekly harvest and market updates from September through January by compiling reports from growers and market information from reliable sources worldwide. The Crop Corner in...

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April 2023 Classifieds

The April 2023 Classifieds feature available equipment, property, trees, services, and more from industry members. These classifieds can also be viewed at the back of the April 2023 issue. NURSERY TREES AVAILABLE: Full service nursery with healthy, prolific trees. Pawnee, Caddo, Creek, Lakota, Oconee, Ellis, Elliot, Avalon. Now taking orders for 2024. Apollo Pecan Nursery,…

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Global Food Trends Give Pecans a Boost

Over the years, global food trends have become increasingly popular among consumers—and for good reason. Global food trends open the door to exciting and unusual flavors, and ingredients and cooking techniques from around the world. Many of these trends are associated with health and wellness benefits, like plant-based cuisine or dishes highlighting nutrient-dense “superfoods” such...

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