USDA RMA Updates Pecan Revenue Policy

Mature crop lays scattered on an orchard floor in Georgia after Hurricane Michael. RMA's changes to the Pecan Revenue policy will help growers impacted by this storm.

As a result of talks with the National Pecan Federation, the USDA Risk Management Agency announced last week some changes under the Pecan Revenue policy for calculating approved average revenue for insured pecan orchards, recovering from hurricane damage. These changes can help some growers impacted by Hurricane Michael and may provide support to pecan growers…

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Classifieds for October 2020

Image for the classifieds found in the magazine.

SAVAGE CRACKING EQUIPMENT, air cracker 238S, sheller 405S, 2 elevators 704S, inspection 3-step table 520S, aspirator/outside bin, Meyers 5-step meat sizer, 2 SNT rerun units with fan, stainless foot operated sacker. All are in excellent shape 580-371-5228 Tishomingo, OK. FOR SALE: Two Meyers blowers for shell separation. One Meyers double stack blower. Three Stainless Steel…

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Letter from the Editor: “Take Your Mind Off”

Letter from the Editor graphic with a pecan background

Dear readers, Harvest comes yet again to the Northern Hemisphere with loads of challenges—some new, some the same just slightly more difficult to bear. One challenge confronted by thousands of pecan growers throughout history is hurricanes. Growers in Louisiana endured Hurricane Laura at the end of August. Then, on Sept. 16, Hurricane Sally struck their…

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APC Campaign Calls All Healthy Snackers

Digital image for APC's 2021 marketing campaign, The Super Safe Debate. The graphic shows two pins with the different pronunciations for pecan and encourages people to vote. APC campaign focuses on healthy snackers.

COVID-19 has changed consumer behaviors worldwide. Recent data states that 54 percent of consumers are cooking and baking more. There has also been a 39 increase in snack category sales—both healthy and indulgent. Consumers are very concerned with their health. Google searches for immunity boosters like antioxidants, healthy diets like Keto or Mediterranean, and plant-based…

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A Nonprofit Harvests Pecans, Helps Veterans

Rows of mature trees without a cover crop at 3SA for Veterans' orchard in Eldorado, Texas. This nonprofit pecan orchard helps vets.

Near the small, West Texas town of Eldorado, a nonprofit transforms a small pecan orchard this harvest into a safe place for veterans with disabilities to find community, support, and employment. Superior Solutions and Services in Aging for Veterans, or 3SA for Veterans for short, is a 501(c) nonprofit charity in San Angelo, Texas, that…

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Report from Capitol Hill: Pecan Research & Promotion Program Released

U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. As of Sept. 22, 2020, the Federal Register published the proposal for the Pecan Research and Promotion Program. Industry members have 60 days for comment.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly impacted the workings of the federal government, pecans have had several issues still active in Washington, D.C. This article covers a few of the top issues the National Pecan Federation has been involved in the last few months, including the pecan research and promotion program. USDA Releases Proposed Pecan…

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Analyzing the 2019 Freeze’s Impact on the West

Shows a row of young trees that are almost completely defoliated. The 2019 Halloween freeze killed these trees down to the soil line.

As I am typing away to write this article, I can’t help but think of all of your faces. All of us out there are still enduring these new norms. I think of everyone and send a prayer that you are staying safe and healthy during these trying times, but I also pray that you…

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Toasting Texas Pecan Month with Texas Wine

Four bottles of wine with accompanying glasses sit on display with a bowl of raw pecans and a pecan-crusted cheese ball. This picture demonstrates what can be found in the Texas Pecan and Wine tasting kit from the Texas Pecan Board.

As October marks Texas Pecan and Texas Wine months, the Texas Pecan Board invites Texans across the state to celebrate these two great agriculture products all month long. To celebrate, the Texas Pecan Board will be hosting a virtual pecan and wine tasting, in collaboration with Texas Fine Wine, led by Sommelier Jessica Dupuy and…

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Getting a Handle on Your 2020 Crop

This tree has a very heavy crop load with many clusters with 4 to five shucks. The grower will need to thin these nuts to maintain their crop.

How can it be that it is harvest time once again? It seems that time is flying in these uncommon times! Still your pecan trees have carried on, despite the current challenges. Hopefully, you have been able to keep up with your tree management program and develop a plan to manage your crop load as…

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Two States, Two Storms, Devastation Abounds

A large mature pecan tree was split in half by Hurricane Laura.

While preparing for this harvest season, pecan producers in Louisiana and Alabama faced two devastating hurricanes.  Growers in Louisiana endured Hurricane Laura at the end of August. Making landfall as a Category 4, Hurricane Laura is recorded as the strongest storm to hit Louisiana in 160 years. Yes, outpacing Hurricane Katrina and earning itself the…

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CFAP 2 Brings More Relief to Pecan Growers

Pecans from shell to pieces laid artfully on a counter. USDA's CFAP 2 will provide direct assistance to pecan growers impacted by the pandemic.

Expansion of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Begins Sept. 21 WASHINGTON, Sept. 18, 2020 – President Donald Trump and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today announced up to an additional $14 billion for agricultural producers who continue to face market disruptions and associated costs because of COVID-19. Pecans are included in this second round…

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APC Announces 2020 Election Results

Logo for the American Pecans marketing brand. It reads: American Pecans: The Original Supernut. The brand is headed by the American Pecan Council, which is made up of industry members elected by pecan growers.

The American Pecan Council (APC) announced the results for its 2020 Election on the evening of Sept. 1 via an emailed memo. This election marks the first since the start of the Federal Marketing Order. As required by the Order, all Council positions were up for nomination and election. Following the guidelines set forth by…

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Letter from the Editor: Resources for Uncertain Times

Letter from the Editor graphic with a pecan background

Dear Readers, Harvest is upon us. Like every year, the pecan industry is rearing up to face the challenge head-on. Some growers in the central and southeastern regions are entering their orchards this month to shake trees and collect early varieties. Other producers, like those in the West, still have a while to go before…

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Pecan Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Emerging & Dangerous Disease

A green bunch of pecan leaves with brown and shriveling edges. This leaflet shows symptoms of the emerging disease Pecan Bacterial Leaf Scorch.

Emerging diseases often cause serious economic damage due to a lack of knowledge about the causal pathogens and improper preparation of management strategies. A telltale example is the COVID-19 pandemic. Its global economic damage is unsurmised and our daily lifestyles have been interrupted and changed by this pandemic.  New, emerging diseases can also interrupt normal…

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Industry Takes First Steps to Voluntary Quality Assurance Program

Pecan pieces transition to pecan halves and then inshell pecans on a marble countertop. At each level, industry members use practices that consumers want in food production.

As mentioned in the American Pecan Council’s article featured in last month’s issue of Pecan South, the industry has moved forward with the creation of a voluntary quality assurance program. We will continue to provide readers with more information in upcoming articles as the program is further developed. In this initial article, we discuss the…

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Pecan Zinc Deficiency Linked to Leaflets’ Zinc Levels

X-axis shows the zinc in a pecan leaflet by parts per million; the y-axis shows the percentage of trees with visible zinc deficiency. The majority of trees plotted with a zinc leaflet level below 50 ppm exhibit visible symptoms of a deficiency. The points representing trees with levels of 50 and higher sit around 0% with visible zinc deficiency.

LEAFLET ANALYSIS is widely used by pecan growers to determine the Zn (zinc) status of their pecan trees. In most diagnostic laboratories, the zinc concentration of the leaflet of 50 to 100 or 60 to 100 parts per million zinc is considered sufficient. 1,4,10 Pecan trees with less than 20 ppm Zn in the leaflets…

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The Pecan Crop Corner — September 2020

Banner image to represent the Pecan Crop Corner

Pecan South’s Pecan Newsletter will be kicking off this month, because of that, the 2020 Crop Corner will go on hiatus. If you’d like to continue to receive crop updates and market news throughout harvest, subscribe to the Pecan Newsletter. The Pecan Newsletter provides weekly news and information gathered from across the industry. Once the…

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5 Late-Season Tips for Your Pecan Crop

Two rows of fairly young pecan trees separated by a separate of grass.

We are now in the home stretch for the 2020 pecan growing season. Hopefully, at this point, you have done what was required to grow and protect a good crop. But it’s not over quite yet. There are still a few things left to consider as we move into September in order to get the…

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4 Questions to Consider When Introducing New Ag Tech

A drone flies in between trees. Growers can introduce ag technology like this into their pecan management plan to be more proactive.

You have your technology plan—if you don’t, go read West Coast Nut’s “Preparing Your Orchard for Ag Tech”—and you’re ready to dive into some new tech this season to help you make your harvest and management the best and most efficient it has ever been. You’ve done the hard part and chosen which new technology…

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Pecan Industry Incentives Can Attract Consumers

Two rows of pecan trees separated by tall grasses that serve as cover crops. This practice represents an incentive in the pecan industry that could attract consumers.

If this year has not taught us anything else, it has taught us that we live in an ever-changing world. To be successful, we need each other. From growers to accumulators to shellers, we all need to be on the same page for not only marketing pecans but also educating consumers.  Recently, I sat through…

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