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Trying Again After the Storm

By now, everyone is familiar with the havoc wrought by Hurricane Michael on the Georgia pecan industry back in October. Half the Georgia crop was lost along with over 740,000 trees, resulting in a loss equivalent to approximately 17 percent of Georgia’s pecan acreage and an estimated total of $560 million in losses to the...

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Twig Girdlers: A Case of Nonselective Pruning

Every fall I receive calls and emails concerning small severed twigs under pecan trees and this year has been no different. In fact, one producer said this has been the worst year ever. As an economic pest and impact on production, the twig girdler is pretty much a nuisance. However, it can be a different...

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Reflect, Recognize, Resolve

The end of December is always a time of personal retrospection, looking back on the year to see what went as planned and what didn’t; what was accomplished and what wasn’t. It’s a time to think about ways we did things just right or mistakes we made and how we’re going to make next year...

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Optimize your profit, not your price

One of the most difficult aspects of running a successful business is determining how to market and price your product. Do you adopt a retail mentality with a one price policy, selling all of your crop to retail customers? Do you adopt a multitier pricing strategy and sell part of your crop to retail customers,...

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