Before You Plant, Evaluate Your Soil

Each January, people throughout the southern United States prepare to plant a new pecan orchard. For many, it’s a first-time venture, perhaps even their first agricultural endeavor. Others may be expanding or renovating an existing orchard by planting trees on new ground or within their present boundaries. Some people may be planting ten trees, while...

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A pile of pecans and sticks after a hurricane sits beside a truck and are now inedible.

More than a tree

We all know that the wood from pecan trees is great for barbecuing and smoking meat. Along with adding flavor to your meats, pecan wood makes unique furniture, flooring, and paneling. It is also used in producing pallets for transportation of goods. After pecan wood is cured, it is extremely durable. Pecan wood has also...

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Ben Littlepage as a young man stands with his pecan trees

Have you heard the story of Ben Littlepage?

As usual, I turned onto I-49 driving south from Shreveport. I got off at exit 99, turned left and took the bridge over the Red River, driving northeast on Highway 8 toward Colfax. At McNeely Crossing, I would normally turn right at the farmhouse with the cannon sitting out front, but today, I continued on...

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Things We Can Control, Things We Can’t

The pecan industry has received several severe blows in 2018. First, we had the Chinese tariffs go from 7 to 47 percent and consequently the virtual loss of this valuable market. Next, Hurricane Michael ripped through the Southeast and destroyed some of the best pecan orchards in the world, along with two-thirds of the Georgia...

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black pecan kernels

Hunting Down the Cause of Black Pecan Kernels

This month’s column deals with the issue of black pecan kernels, which I have seen throughout my entire career. This problem is not the same as stink bug damage which is localized black spots on the kernel. This black kernel issue as shown in the pictures can have different degrees or levels of blackening. Some...

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A New Year for American Pecans

The coming of the New Year marks a time for renewal and possibility. By now, most of you have finished or are wrapping up harvest operations, and thinking ahead to the growing season. Perhaps you’re planning to expand your orchards, are looking forward to seeing the first fruit from trees planted nearly a decade ago,...

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Sweet, spicy, salty candied pecans in a white bowl on a table.

New Year, New Pecan Snack

This new year, we’re all trying to stick to our resolutions, especially our efforts to become healthier. These sweet, spicy, salty candied pecans will help you satisfy every craving and still give you a nutrient boost. Sweet, Spicy, Salty Candied Pecans Recipe by Jenn Segal from Once Upon a Chef Makes 2 servings | Prep...

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hands holding soil

The Soil is Alive

If you eliminate the other environmental factors (i.e., water, light, temperature), it could be agreed that growing an optimum crop with maximum yield potential is ultimately limited by the health and condition of the soil. This is especially true when your crop is a perennial crop like our pecan tree. After all, a healthy soil...

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