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The Pecan Crop Corner: July 2020

A new monthly column, The Crop Corner comes in response to popular demand from readers of The Pecan Newsletter. Created and published by Pecan South editors, The Pecan Newsletter provides weekly harvest and market updates from September through January by compiling reports from growers, as well as price and market information from reliable sources across...

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Classifieds for July 2020 Issue

PECAN TREES: Bareroot Western Schley, Wichita, and Pawnee pecan trees, (Riverside Rootstock). For information, call Pena’s Pecan Nursery, 3 miles south of Las Cruces, NM 88047; 575-525-9062. Used Savage equipment for sale: (2) 2158 Shakers, 5132 Blower, (2) 8261 Harvesters, (2) Shell Blowers, (2) Crackers 238S, (9) Crackers 244S, Sprayer 5537, Sprayer 5740, (2) V-Sweepers...

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Two rows of mature pecan trees at the Texas A&M Orchard in College Station, Texas.

Fifty Years with Texas Pecans, Part II

Many important factors are working together to influence pecans’ profitability in Texas and across the Pecan Belt. Tree spacing, varieties, soil, foliar zinc sprays, nitrogen soil fertilizer, and integrated pest management are some of those factors discussed in Pecan South’s June 2020 issue. Over my 50 years in the pecan industry, I’ve learned that the...

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Photo of Dr. Dennis Ring from the 2001 LSU AgCenter Class I Internal Leadership Program

The Legacy of Dr. Dennis Ring

The Texas Pecan Growers Association (TPGA) began at the dawn of the domestication of the pecan (Carya illinoinensis) in 1921 when the commercial pecan industry was in its infancy. Early pecan scientists focused on horticultural matters that established managed orchards and groves. Orchard acreage and production increased over time to catch up as wild pecan...

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Photo by Adult Gray Hairstreak, Strymon melinus, on a branch.

Pesky Pest, But Not a Threat

Adult Gray Hairstreak, Strymon melinus. Credit: David Cappaert,“Have you seen this before?” A common question that arises in early Spring as buds break and leaves unfold and development ensues. In late May and June, some pecan producers may even encounter nutlets with a tiny hole chewed out of it on one side. I wanted...

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