Your fungicide spray program can fight pecan scab and decrease production costs

Here in the southeastern United States, we commonly grow over 20 different pecan cultivars. These vary considerably from each other in any number of ways—size, shape, kernel percentage, shell-out potential, precocity, time of harvest, insect preference, and most notably for this article, pecan scab susceptibility. Since these cultivars vary so widely in their scab susceptibility,...

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yellow pecan aphid

Organic approaches to managing aphids and lepidopterans in pecan

Summary: Pecan aphids benefit greatly from conserving natural enemies (lady beetles, lacewings, etc.) in the orchard. Applications of gibberellic acid lead to reductions in black pecan aphid populations. Grandevo® also contributes to reductions in black pecan aphid populations and conserves natural enemies. Entomopathogenic (insect-killing) fungi applied as a spray or incorporated as an endophyte show...

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Bagged pecans sit in a line on the bottom of a wooden shelf. The new pecan research and promotion program has the authority to collect assessments for domestic and foreign grown pecans imported into the U.S. USDA announced the industry members on the new APPB

Is your retirement election-proof?

The election is over, and the stakes have rarely felt higher. The new administration is underway, and the usual political debate rages on between family and friends. To what degree can we learn from new economic data and make financial decisions? Should we delay our retirement date based on what we think will happen? Should we...

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Image for the classifieds found in the magazine.

May 2021 Classifieds

The May 2021 Classifieds feature available equipment, property, trees, services, and more from industry members. These classifieds can also be viewed at the back of the May 2021 issue. NURSERY TREES AVAILABLE: Full-service nursery with healthy, prolific trees. Pawnee, Caddo, Creek, Lakota, Kiowa, Oconee, Ellis, Elliot, Avalon. Now taking orders for 2021. Apollo Pecan Nursery,...

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Banner image to represent the Pecan Crop Corner

The Crop Corner—May 2021

The Crop Corner provides seasonal updates for readers on pecans throughout the industry and continues in Pecan South’s May 2021 magazine. Created and published by Pecan South editors, The Pecan Newsletter provides weekly harvest and market updates from September through January by compiling reports from growers and market information from reliable sources worldwide. The Crop...

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Logo for the American Pecans marketing brand. It reads: American Pecans: The Original Supernut. The brand is promoted and managed by the American Pecan Council, under a federal marketing order. Pecan growers in the U.S. can vote to continue the APC in the 2021 FMO referendum.

How to cast your vote in the FMO referendum

The Agricultural Marketing Service in the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a notice on April 13 that directed a referendum to be conducted among eligible pecan growers across the Pecan Belt “to determine whether they favor the continuation of the marketing order regulating the handling of pecans produced in the production area.” The FMO referendum...

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