U.S. Capitol on a cloudy day.

National Pecan Federation update on agricultural climate policies

USDA Announces Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry Partnership Initiative On Sept. 29, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced they are considering using the $30 billion Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) next year to pay for large-scale pilot programs to scale up farm and forestry practices that help mitigate climate change. “Our work will be voluntary and incentive-based,” Agriculture Secretary Tom...

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A nut cluster hidden behind the leaves.

A Quality Assurance Program and You

Consumers now more than ever are looking for further knowledge about their food. Food safety is a global expectation to do business, but that expectation has shifted to include sustainability as well. Customers want to know the company and people behind their food, understand its employee safety protocols, see the chemicals used when growing the...

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Change management plan with 6 steps: define a vision of change, determine readiness for change, align the vision of change among leaders, communicate goals and engage employees, train employees on the change, and encourage change adoption.

Change management in the pecan industry

The agri-food industry, including pecans, is constantly changing. Changes come in the form of new system implementations, government regulations, and new technologies that have evolved throughout the supply chain. For organizations to embrace and align with these changes, it often means a new way of doing things and a behavior change for employees at all...

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Tilehorned prionus adult beetles—male and female laid side by side for comparison. The female is larger with shorter antennae.

Beetles that feed on pecan roots

We are all familiar with the concept that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Managing insects attacking pecan is no different considering that the same squeaky pests get the proverbial grease. Pecan foliage laden with aphid honeydew and chlorotic spots elicited by the black pecan aphid cannot be ignored nor can those pecan kernels laid...

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