New leaves on a pecan tree.

Functionality and Vitality of Pecan Leaves

I came home recently to find my seventeen-year-old son, Collin, working on his 11th-grade medical terminology class project. His assignment was to depict the major internal organs of the human body on a poster using candy or other snack foods. Human internal organs, shown here with LifeSavers, jelly beans, marshmallows, Rice Krispie Treats, and licorice...

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Around the Industry: Oklahoma Pecan Growers Conference

Oklahoma Pecan Growers Gather for 2023 Conference The Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association hosted its Annual Conference on June 1 through 3 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Cox Business Convention Center. The educational seminar covered a variety of topics, including new pecan cultivars, soil health, financial considerations for regenerative agriculture, and agritourism. Participants visited with vendors,...

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A Huma Agronomist holding and examining soil.

Bio Huma Netics® Marks 50th Anniversary with New Name: Huma®

GILBERT, Ariz.—Bio Huma Netics announced today it is ringing in its 50th anniversary by officially renaming itself Huma, Inc. The name “Huma” is inspired by the word “humus”: the highly fertile, organic layer of topsoil that brings life to the soil and our planet. Huma seeks to deliver “Humic Solutions with a Human Touch.”  Founded in...

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Blooming tulips sit in the foreground of this shot of the U.S. Capitol

A Pecan Industry Update from Washington

CBP Confirms Pecan Import Fee Collections Will Begin October 2023 U.S. Senator Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) sent a letter on May 18, 2023, to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on behalf of the pecan industry regarding the ongoing issue of customs collections for assessments of imported pecans. The letter requested confirmation from CBP that...

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Damage on a leaf caused by an outbreak of leafminers.

The Leafminers of Pecan

When we think of pecan foliage being damaged by arthropods, we usually focus on pecan aphids first, and deservedly so. Aphid damage to pecan foliage can be severe and warrants your attention. But there are other arthropod species that also feed on and damage pecan foliage, some leaving behind damage more noticeable than others. Several...

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Banner image to represent the Pecan Crop Corner

The July 2023 Crop Corner

The 2023 crop is approaching nut fill, and extreme heat plagues much of the Pecan Belt. Growers are doing all they can to support their trees through these high temperatures while continuing to monitor for pests and diseases. Here’s a quick update on the state of the crop from region to region for July. Southeast:...

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Chart showing pecan prices supply and demand by the cobweb theory.

Cycles and Seasonal Patterns in Pecan Prices

In March’s article, we indicated that agricultural producers are often interested in diversifying their production operations to reduce risk, increase income potential, or gain greater control over products or services within the supply chain. One of the examples we provided in that article was building and operating an on-farm cold storage facility. An on-farm cold...

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