Illustration from 1973 showing the different between a seedling tree and a grafter nursery tree

Training Young Pecan Trees is Difficult

To my knowledge and experience, every pecan grower has trouble training their young trees into a central leader tree. In 2017, at the Western Pecan Growers Conference in Las Cruces, New Mexico all five members of the pecan hedging panel said exactly the same thing about their young tree training: “We just let ‘em go.”...

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group photo of NCPGA awards

North Carolina Growers Gather to Celebrate 25 years as an Association

Celebrating 25 years, the North Carolina Pecan Grower’s Association gathered in Clinton, North Carolina on the dreary morning of Feb. 16 for its annual meeting, where attendees networked, heard from pecan specialists and spoke with exhibitors. Kicking off the meeting, Mike Parker, Ph.D., from the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University, discussed managing...

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Logbook entry from 1891 from USDA

Family Trees: Looking back, Going forward

Every grafted pecan tree is full of stories that can be confusing to someone not involved in the pecan industry. I want to tell the origin stories of three cultivars: ‘Western’ (the most important scion cultivar for the western region), ‘Riverside’ (an important rootstock cultivar for the West), and ‘Longfellow’ (which has recently been confirmed...

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