People stand around in small groups listening to a presentation outside of a metal-sided cleaning plant at Tri-Agri Farm Center..

Tri-Agri Farm Center Invites the Industry to its 2022 Pecan Grower/Harvester Meeting

Tri-Agri Farm Center prepares to host its 2022 Pecan Grower/Harvester Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 6:00 p.m. at the Coleman Community Center in Coleman, Oklahoma. Tri-Agri staff and Hamilton family invite growers, harvesters, and anyone who is interested to attend, simply RSVP. The meeting includes LMCAg harvester, Bergen pre-cleaner, and John Deere tractor demonstrations...

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An old nut cluster hangs in the foreground of a photo of mature pecan trees at the USDA Brownwood Station.

USDA to Issue First Pecan Forecast for 2022 Crop

ATHENS, GA – During the last week of September, pecan growers will receive a survey from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). Information from this survey will be used to forecast pecan production for 2022. “The pecan industry is an important part of U.S. agriculture, especially in southern states, and it...

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A native pecan grove near the Red River in Oklahoma.

Native Pecan Harvest Field Day, Oct. 13 at Flying G Ranch

Interested in learning more about native pecan production and harvest? Join us for a late afternoon/evening field day under the trees. This family-friendly event is ideal for learning more about pecan production, asking questions, seeing harvest in action, and networking with other growers. The Native Pecan Harvest Field Day will take place on Oct. 13,...

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TThe photo on the left shows a young white man in a suit with brown hair. The photo on the right shows the same man, now in his 70s with white hair and a white goatee.

In Memory of Donald Paul Mayo, owner of OMC

Donald “Don” Paul Mayo, 78, of Live Oak, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on Aug. 26, 2022. Don was born Feb. 16, 1944, in El Cajon, California, to Herb and Irene Mayo. Don was living a full life—traveling and enjoying business, family, and his hobbies. He was scheduled for a procedure to replace...

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A box of inshell pecans with a red handcracker in it.

Institute for Advancing Health Through Agriculture Hosts First Research Workshop

On Aug. 1 and 2, the Texas A&M AgriLife Institute for Advancing Health Through Agriculture, IHA, held its first workshop to engage stakeholders from the food-agriculture value chain. The workshop enabled production agriculture groups to further understand priorities, gaps, and opportunities in precision nutrition, responsive agriculture, and social and behavioral research. Bringing together more than...

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The equipment used in the UGA shelling study

UGA Researchers Seek to Crack Shelling Challenge

Researchers at the University of Georgia College of Engineering are trying to crack a tough problem: extracting more high-quality kernels from shelled pecans. The team aims to identify the factors and variables controlling kernel extraction and provide solutions for increasing half yields. In the short term, the researchers will look for specific ways to improve...

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It’s More Than a Lack of Water

We’ve made it through August, and the state of Texas is still immersed in a terrible drought. Typically, the quickest way out of such a situation is to talk about it, but we have been talking about it for months, and little has happened! Perhaps by the time you read this, the situation will have...

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a tractor driving through the pecan orchard

APPB, APC Meet and Prepare for Upcoming Fiscal Year

The American Pecan Council and the American Pecan Promotion Board held general meetings on July 27 in Dallas, Texas, at the Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center. With the next fiscal year on the horizon, both meetings focused extensively on the upcoming budget and general housekeeping. The day started with the American Pecan Promotion Board...

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Cover image for the 2022 Marketing Guide—a list of pecan buyers. The graphic shows the words the 2021 Marketing Guide with a background of pecans in 5-pound sacks.

2022 Marketing Guide

Published from September through November, Pecan South‘s Marketing Guide provides a list of pecan buyers from across the industry who are looking to purchase nuts from the 2022 crop. Download the complete 2022 Marketing Guide from our October issue here. Many pecan growers use this guide as a reference when looking for pecan buyers and processors....

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