Fall webworms have created a web around the foliage of this tree. They wiggle around inside, eating as much as they can.

Fall Webworm—Not a Big Threat, Just a Big Pest

One of the most visible and obvious insect infestations on pecan has to be the fall webworm, where those unsightly webs seem to just appear overnight. The fall webworm is native to North America where it feeds on a wide range of deciduous trees and shrubs, with feeding preferences varying on geographic regions. In North...

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Pecan Production Worldwide

USA The America Pecan Council has started a nationwide promotion of pecans aimed to increase pecan-nut awareness and consumption in the United States, which currently is about half-a-pound per person. This is a very important step since a good number of people living in big urban areas in the country know little about pecans so...

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No Holding Back, Good ‘Ole H20

Let’s face it. Fruiting is a high-stress event for any tree. If there are other stresses compounding this event, either this year’s fruit quality or next year’s performance will be impacted significantly. As a perennial crop, ultimately what you do this year sets that crop up for success or failure next year. However, there are...

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