Logo for the American Pecans marketing brand. It reads: American Pecans: The Original Supernut. The brand is promoted and managed by the American Pecan Council, under a federal marketing order. Pecan growers in the U.S. can vote to continue the APC in the 2021 FMO referendum.

Pecan growers vote to keep the FMO, USDA announces

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Aug. 31 at the American Pecan Council annual meeting that eligible pecan growers voted to uphold the Federal Marketing Order (FMO) in the referendum. Because of this decision, the American Pecan Council will continue to be authorized by the FMO to regulate the handling of pecans, build...

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Irrigation water runs between two rows of pecan trees. Trees water demand increases as the season advances.

Late-season water demand: how much is enough?

Pecans are considered a high water-use crop, and pecan’s water demand peaks during the kernel filling stage, which occurs from mid-August through mid-September. In Georgia, we recommend 3,600 to 4,000 gallons per acre per day for trees bearing a commercial crop during this critical period. We are fortunate in the Southeast that rainfall contributes to...

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The schedule for APC's quarterly webinar series to connect with credentialed health and wellness professionals.

Reaching consumers through credentialed wellness professionals

A key audience the American Pecan Council has identified and been pleased to gain inroads into is the world of credentialed health and wellness professionals (registered dietitian nutritionists, physicians, nurses, fitness professionals, etc.). This community of highly engaged and influential individuals is passionate about promoting holistic, healthy living and educating those who look to them...

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Roth Conversion Decision Tree chart

Tax-free money? Yes, please!

I hate paying taxes. Now do not get me wrong, I am a proud American business owner, and I dutifully pay my share of taxes each year. I am honored to do so, but I also work extremely hard to shave the tax bill every chance I get. What if I said, prepaying your taxes...

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Banner image to represent the Pecan Crop Corner

The Crop Corner August 2021

The Crop Corner provides seasonal updates for readers on pecans throughout the industry and continues in Pecan South’s August 2021 magazine. The Crop Corner will be taking a break as The Pecan Newsletter starts on September 10, 2021.  Created and published by Pecan South editors, The Pecan Newsletter provides weekly harvest and market updates from...

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A man buries new cotton underwear in his orchard to observe his soil health.

Get to know your soil and your soil health

We all know the importance of monitoring and scouting pecan trees. We spend countless hours each year going through the orchards scouting for disease, insects, nutrient deficiencies, and other issues. In fact, many producers can tell me about each tree without looking at a map or plot plan of the orchard. You can easily recite...

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The walk leading up to Oak Alley Plantation, where the 'Centennial' pecan was first propagated and kickstarted the modern pecan industry.

The Beginning of Modern Pecan Culture

Ever since learning of the history of the pecan, I have been fascinated by the story of the first successful propagation. This grafting was accomplished by a man named Antoine, who was enslaved at Oak Alley Plantation in St. James Parish, Louisiana. I have long been interested in learning whether the product of this successful...

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Image for the classifieds found in the magazine.

August 2021 Classifieds

The August 2021 Classifieds feature available equipment, property, trees, services, and more from industry members. These classifieds can also be viewed at the back of the August 2021 issue. Used Pecan Equipment for Sale in Georgia: 8960 Savage Row-Vac 2017 model year $7999, 2542 Savage tree shaker model year 2016 $5074, 2001S Peerless pecan dryer...

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A graphic showing the different essential elements in pecan in their chemical abbreviations.

Essential elements in pecan

In the early 20th century, scientists Daniel Arnon and Perry Stout, through the inspiration and guidance of the renowned laboratory of plant nutrition founded by Dr. Hoagland at the University of California Berkley, determined the criteria that would ultimately ascertain if an inorganic mineral was required within a plant to be deemed an “essential element.”...

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